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Patchwork Shirt #14 - Blue / Cool Tones - Size inclusive

Patchwork Shirt #14 - Blue / Cool Tones - Size inclusive

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Patchwork Tee
These breezy patchwork tees are one-of-a-kind, incorporating upcycled t-shirts in a rainbow of colors.
  • Each t-shirt is a one-of-a-kind creation, patched together from pre-loved t-shirts.
  • Reversible design means either side can be the front!
Size & Fit
This is a roomy, drapey top. It has mid-length sleeves. It is long - with a length which falls to around the butt (depending on how tall you are). The roomy fit and drapey quality will look fabulous on a variety of different figures. Compare measurements to your favourite tee or dress to check the fit.
  • Fits up to size - Chest/Waist/Hips 60", Arm Circumference 16".
  • Tee Width (measured flat) is ~34".
  • Length (back collar to hem) is ~24".

  • Upcycled garments - by starting with lightly used clothing which still has plenty of life left, we reduce demand for new textiles - avoiding the environmental costs of producing brand new fabric.

Upcycled with love by Liz in San Carlos, City of Good Living, California
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