Liz Broekhuyse, Ambletown Founder

Meet the Maker - Liz Broekhuyse

I'm Liz - a designer, entrepreneur, lazy cyclist and professional café patron. Combining my skills in sewing and my passion for cycling, I created Ambletown to bring sustainable, artful fashion options for casual cyclists - the e-bikers, quick trip makers, weekend fun seekers, off-duty mountain racers and urban amblers.

My Mission

I want the sustainable choice to be the fun choice, in how you dress and in how you get around. I create everyday clothes that equip you to jump on a bike at any time, so you're always ready to ride. Every time you choose a bike over a more energy intensive mode of transportation, you're contributing to a greener future :)


The creation of textiles and clothing have immense environmental and human impacts, so I am constantly looking for ways to minimize the negative impacts of my work. On each product page I offer sustainability information, below are some common principles I follow:

Upcycling first

There are so many beautiful fabrics and garments already in the world; thrift stores are always my first port of call for sourcing. By starting with lightly used clothing which still has plenty of life left, we reduce demand for new textiles - avoiding the environmental costs of producing brand new fabric.

Environmentally Preferred Materials

The most sustainable choice of materials for any given garment is highly contextual. There is no 'perfect' material, but I do my homework to make the best decisions I can. This means using organic cotton in my printed t-shirts and brand labels, since I prefer to exercise in fabrics made from natural fibers, and organic cotton is produced without genetically modified crops, synthetic fertilizers and chemical pesticides. My care labels use recycled PET from plastic bottles - since I need a material which I can easily write on. 

Supporting small & local businesses

As a solopreneur, I want to support a thriving ecosystem of small and local businesses. I source from such businesses whenever possible.

Durability and care

Sustainable clothes are clothes that stand up to the rigors of laundering, to ensure a long life. I am meticulous about providing proper care instructions, and conducting wash tests on my materials to ensure durability and quality.